Ceramics with Dry Ice

One of my ongoing thoughts about with ceramics is what do they become after they’ve been created. Will they just sit on a shelf, inanimate for the rest of their existence. Will someone pet them? How long until dust starts to form?  I harp on the idea that people do want to only use factory made ceramics because the users are afraid they will break it. What they are really saying is, they don’t want to be guilty of breaking an a functional piece by using it and they do not want offend the artist by being having a potential accident. So they will tell themselves it will be better if they just leave it on the shelf. They can seem trendy by owning a ceramic, but will it be used? Since these piece are older and I am too attached to them, they live with me. Sometimes I use them. But on a special occasion, we had left over dry ice. So I let my pieces have some fun.

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