Ceramic, vellum photographs, mixed media. Absorption Preserve examines how individuals are influenced by the daily routine of watching tv shows and movies. This body of work examines irrational fears that can form and cause us to isolate ourselves in our homes, due to a negatively skewed perception of society. How our minds create fictional scenarios based on the images. TV Taught Me How to Feel, examines how a child’s interpretation of the media differed from the parent’s anxiety-driven thoughts. Creating forms based on living rooms and household items, such as a Bureau, television set, telescopes, and imagery based on Hobo Signs.

Growing up in the late 1990s-early 2000s there was a lot of sheltering from surrounding neighbors. Her youth was spent in Montessori school, anything outside the immediate world around her was found through television, books, and then the Internet in 2008. 



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