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My Park of Infinite Connections 2019 displays five ceramic figures that are obsessed with the prospect of doing something for or at a later time. In the 21st century, society has become obsessed with digital recording. It is important that we consider how we are spending time with people in 3D space, and our awareness of being present, so we do not become permanently stuck in our own worlds that are created from echoes of our pasts and fixations on idealized futures. With so many humans interacting online, in fictional stories, and digital media, our perception of three-dimensional space becomes overshadowed by our faith to record and experience in a later two-dimensional world. This interactive installation includes videos, a drawer, travel sounds coming from a travel trunk, a religious smoothie video with sound, light, and 2 five-foot hedges.


People in the Park of Infinite Connections 3.jpgPeople in the Park of Infinite Connections


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