Ceramic People!

Meet the Ceramic People!

Emily Casella’s Ceramic Figures love to meet and interact with Viewers

Click on each Person to find out more about their backstory!

If you would like one or more of the Ceramic People to visit your museum, building, or event you can send a request on the contact page.

If you would like any of the sculptures to have an extended stay or be stationed at your public building for months to years, you can also send an email with which sculpture, location, and the duration of time.


The Watchman loves to visit Public Buildings. Such as city/town/village halls, Libraries, or schools. He is very good at watching passerby.


Tired of here, there, and needing to be elsewhere, our sleeping friend enjoys indoor gardens, libraries, schools, transportation related buildings.

The Time Critter and Consumer

The Time Critter and Consumer, recounts the story of a person purchasing the Time Critter to save her memories.

The Anchorman

The Anchorman is a forever optimist. He wants you to imagine a brighter future. He wants you to help your fellow people. Great for political, charity, of Fundraising events!

Bibere Viridi Sanctum

BVS is a ritual performance for you to have a better life. A Spiritual and Smoothie Adventure for you to encounter. Perfect for religious centers or food events.

TV taught me How to Feel Mother and Child

Mother and Child love to watch TV together.

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