Bibere Viridi Sanctum: I Demonstrate For The Possibility That You Will Have A Better Life.

Bibere Viridi Sanctum is a video projection of a figure making a smoothie, in the fashion of a religious ceremony, in a plant-inspired stage. The ceramic object has a stage floor with green hands that are each in a kneeling position. The floor and arms lead to a white flat surface that acts as the screen. The religious center’s back has five colorful stalks of petals, with dark greenish-brown voids. The projector is hidden in a smaller version of the plant, centered in a round shape. The viewer must listen to the ingredients being listed whilst wearing headphones. The point of this piece is to make apparent that the intention of subscribing to a religion, or spirituality, is the same as our relationship to adopting an eating lifestyle. It is all ritualistic behavior. The sentence for Bibere Viridi Sanctum is “I Demonstrate For The Possibility That You Will Have A Better Life”.

Inspired by being raised Catholic and Vegetarian, as well as the ASMR phenomenon on YouTube, Bibere Viridi Sanctum religiously prepares the viewer a smoothie.

This is the first piece where I used face paint to color my body, you can view more vibrant people here.

If you would like to show Bibere Viridi Sanctum or show the entire film you can put in a request here.

Bibere Viridi Sanctum was selected to be part of Word of Mouth, Woman Made Gallery Show in January-February 2022 in-person gallery.

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