Currently on View for OFF THE WALL 2k22, Side Street Studio Arts Elgin, IL August 5-28.

The story of The Time Critter conveys our obsession with recording our lives in the 2D world, retaining those records until a certain time has passed or we are gone. My video is a dramatic aberration of how time affects our lives. In the end, The Consumer gives the last photograph to The Time Critter and accepts their fate of knowing that their time has run out.

The Time Critter is a fictitious product, I made to investigate advertisement, communication, and self-adornment in terms of solidifying the remembrance of one’s life through photographs. It is a product made to take records of a person’s life so they can live life without having to constantly stop to take photographs themselves. It gives the user a pile of photographs that dictate how many memories the critter will take of the person. Its counterpart, The Consumer, is the ceramic photograph human result of what happened when The Time Critter came into their life. The Consumer happens upon a flyer for The Time Critter. When the viewer sits across from the park bench on a garden chair to watch the video in its chest cavity, they are privy to The Consumer’s individual world. They can witness what caused the state of the statue.

If you would like to display The Time Critter and the Consumer you can book them here.

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