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Beautiful Oops Tulip collaboration piece with Cara Schmitt for South Shore Arts Munster, part of the Tiptoe Thru Town Tulip Fest

Emily Casella’s Society of Vibrant People
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Emily Casella is a Multi-Media Artist and Educator in Northwest, Indiana. She received her MFA in Ceramics from Herron School of Art+Design & BFA from Indiana University Northwest.

I investigate how humans navigate experiences through the simultaneous conjunction of mental and physical space.

My society of artworks includes ceramic people who have hidden parts of themselves that prompt the viewers to observe and empathize with their perspective and story. Other societal people manifest in 2D drawings that showcase mental presences, fleeting memories, intrusive thoughts, or imagination. Sometimes I embody persons within the society through face-painting my body, to explore emotions and act out roles.

  • During undergrad I investigated how television can create mental fears and ideas about life, creating the installation of Absorption Preserve 2016.
  • Park of Infinite Connections 2019, my MFA Thesis examined individuals’ attitudes and relationships to being social, virtual connections, and being remembered. Inspired by Irrealism, I created unique figures who reveal particular human emotions and beliefs caused by an awareness of the present, past, and/or future.  The Ceramic People play within the internal and external worlds that individuals simultaneously live. Watching the beginnings of YouTube, and participating in it from teenage-adult life, the idea of socializing virtually was not new. Now it has become a regular part of existence.

Art in Focus, South Shore Arts Munster. Artist Talk 2021
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