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I am a Mixed-Media Ceramic artist, that makes Ceramic, 2D, and becomes people that are vibrant and experiences the wholeness of living and being human.

Emily Casella is an Artist and Educator in Northwest IN, who creates humanistic stories through ceramics, video, drawing, photography, and 4D Installations. Her work has been shown in online and in-person galleries.  Her Ceramic People have been on display in various Public Buildings. She holds a Ceramic MFA from Herron School of Art+Design and a BFA from Indiana University Northwest. She teaches a variety of college-level art corses, art centers classes, and workshops in-person and online.   

My artwork thematically explores memories, contradictions, the cycles humans physically and psychologically put ourselves in and play into. My ceramic people have hidden parts of themselves that the viewer can observe to try and understand their point of view and perhaps empathizes with their story and feelings they express. My 2D drawings showcase people’s mental presences, fleeting memories, intrusive thoughts, or daydreams/imagination. Last but not least, I face-paint my body to match my style and people, to explore emotions, tell stories, and become a version of roles in societies. Every day there are humans that want to deflate the world by constrictions with the goal of boring, homogenous scripted living. I hope my work can inspire vibrance and empathy so that when other humans encounter others they will be able to really notice the beauty of life.

If you would like one of the
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You can follow her elsewhere: Instagram @Emybookworm, and YouTube Emily J Casella and Emybookworm’s Cinema

Emily has a variety of services that include photographing collections for museums and individuals, video editing, consultations, repairs and commissions.
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During undergrad I investigated how television can create mental fears and ideas about life, creating the installation of Absorption Preserve 2016. Watching the beginnings of YouTube, and participating in it from teenage-adult life, the idea of socializing virtually was not something new. Now the world is catching up with social distancing due to the pandemic of 2020.

Park of Infinite Connections 2019, my MFA Thesis examined individuals’ attitudes and relationship to being social, virtual connections, and being remembered. Inspired by Irrealism, I created unique figures who reveal particular human emotions and beliefs that are caused by an awareness of the present, past, and/or future.  The Ceramic People play within the internal and external worlds that individuals simultaneously live.

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