Book Emily to host in-person or virtual workshops. Emily is a proficient instructor that comes up with fun and engaging skill-based workshops in art materials such as ceramics, drawing/painting, photography, collage, mixed media, and video. Please specify what medium and age range your workshop would be. 100 Miles is based in Northwest, Indiana. If your workshop is virtual, location does not matter, however, account for Time Differences from Central Time US.

You will receive a response from Emily in a few days, including an estimated invoice for payment of service, questions about space/supplies, and confirmation of availability.

1 Day Workshop ( <100 miles)
Multiple Day Workshops (<100 miles)
Virtual Workshops
1 Day Workshop (>100 miles)
Multiple Day Workshops (>100 miles)

Talks/Events/Guest Speaker

If you would like Emily to talk about her artwork, research, and/or profession at your event, university, library, or establishment she is available for in-person or online events. She can also be on Panel Discussions or guest Art Gallery engagements.

Talks at Institutions
Talks at Private Events
Talks at Public Events
Virtual Talks
Talks at Conventions/Panel Discussion

This page is to book Speaking/Workshop engagements, if you are trying to have one of the Ceramic People artworks displayed at your location, please go to Ceramic Visits/Showings/Bookings

School Visits / Guest Lecturer (IN-PERSON or VIRTUALLY)

School Visits or Guest Lecturer is an opportunity for Emily to visit and talk with students. This can entail a speech about the art world, specific art history or artists, to Lecture on a College Level Course, looking at students’ work, and giving advice/critique. If you want Emily to demonstrate a skill or medium please fill out the workshop form in the following category.

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