Nice to meet you, 2017

Happy new year! I am ready to be in back in the swing of things!

This year is a bit up in the air. I could either be going to grad school or not, finding jobs  and shows that I don’t quite know of yet! I might know in a few months, but until then I am still working at the library.  I do have some goals though to stay productive!

I’m going to continue making vids for the YouTube channel. I am also going to start another one where I can put videos of art shorts. I think it is important to keep up the Cinema, but I need a more precise channel for art videos, so then people can find them easily. I think it will be a good time all around. Also we got to 96 followers on Emybookworm’s Cinema!

I would also like to submit work to more shows. I have been keeping an eye on Chicago artist resource web page. I want to at least submit to 25 shows or art related things. I do not have to get accepted into any of the shows (hopefully a few though) but I just have to keep being active in the art world.

I also what to read about 70 books this year. I am not going to go as insane as last year with reading 133, but I think 70 is doable. I want to re-read a few books and then as read more art related books. I have a book on 19th century art that I want to get into since that was the only period where I didn’t take a sole class on it.

I will also try to keep this website going. Bethany updated hers and she’s like where’s yours at? So I went and re-did a few things and finally figured out how to make gallery spaces so I am going to take some more photographs for my pieces and profile. That will hopefully get done in the coming weeks.

Also I have to plan for Spain! I’m so excited to be back in Europe this year! So lots of planing and organization over on my end.

What are you going to be up to this year? Any fun goals?

Thanks for your time, and here’s to a productive new year!


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