First impressions dislike including everything at once

Hello there,

It is I, Emily! First blogposts are always the most awkward, though as I’m known to say, “it’s not awkward unless you make it awkward”.  I would indeed love to just spill everything out to you now, telling every trifle, exciting moment, random thought that passes through my mind. As with my posts on Instagram, I never like to use a filter in my writings. However, the world needs edits and you would be bored of me in two seconds if I said everything I ever wanted to right now. So let’s be a little formal here.

I am a 21 year old lady. I have been a vegetarian my entire life thanks to a very health conscious father and a loving mother. I have a very funny and beautiful younger sister named Bethany. I recently graduated with a BFA. Where I divorced drawing (though we occasionally still have flings) and ended up in a love triangle with photography and ceramics. If you’d like to read more about my rather recent thought processes and love affairs with art you can read this interview by Genuine Zine.

I have traveled internationally and nationally including by not limited to UK, Paris, NYC, and Mexico. I love going to museums and planning out what art works I must see so I don’t miss anything good. If you would like to see the travels you can view them at my YouTube Channel. Okay enough of these plugs.

I am trying to get a grip of being a part of the Art World and making sense of what art is in the 21st century. I’m constructing this website little bit everyday, one day we will be more secure, but until then take a look around and enjoy!

It was a pleasure meeting you.

OH I FORGOT! I am very addicted to reading books and you can follow that journey here.

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